Throughout the years, we have spoken at a number of conferences, schools, parent groups, panels, non-profit organizations, companies, and community meetings.  We have offered trainings, teaching, and supervision for other practitioners and have developed topic-specific talks based on the needs of our audiences.

Seminar Topics

  • A Developmental Approach to Behavioral Challenges
  • Those Daunting Words “Executive Functioning”: What Do They Really Mean?
  • Digital Addictions: Abstinence or Balance?
  • Finding the Just Right Level of Challenge for Your Child and Teen
  • Building Passions Through a Commitment to Character
  • Learning Differences in the Real World

  • The Brilliance of ADHD
  • Parenting Through A Strengths-Based Lens
  • The Early Signs of Autism and What This Means for My Child
  • Acts of Kindness Versus Consequences as a Parenting Tool
  • Family Teams and The Power of Empathy
  • Assessing for Problematic Internet Use

  • The Impact of Social Media on Self-Esteem and Interpersonal Intrapersonal Development
  • Screens and Teens
  • When to Unplug: Mental Health and Internet Usage
  • Reducing Stress and Maintaining Health
  • Pushing Brain Buttons: Optimizing Physical and Mental Strength and Fortitude
  • Managing Stress and Unpleasant Emotions

  • Impacts of Online Gaming
  • Test and Performance Anxiety: How to Work Through the Panic and Come Out the Other End
  • Sleep Disruption and Quality of Life