We entered this field to help, and it is in this area that we can  make an impact through oversight and guidance.  Especially if families are unable to access a full scope of services, or testing or therapy are not indicated, other options may be needed. We can certainly meet, listen to your needs, and work to construct a plan and offer recommendations based on the information you provide.  The goal is to set a path toward effective actions that will best address the concerns brought up.


It is not uncommon for systems of public care and education to deny needed services.  Knowing how these systems work, what your rights are, and how to work in a collaborative manner toward successful outcomes is important.  In the educational setting, being aware of varying models of learning and school programs can open doors to better academic and social success.

Consultation Services:

  • Attendance at IEP Meetings
  • Due Process Hearings
  • Regional Center Meetings
  • School Observations
  • Home Observations

  • Short-term Parent Coaching Meetings
  • Review of Medical and Educational Records
  • School Placement Options
  • Treatment Planning
  • Treatment “Editing”