Special Program Development

If we did not brainstorm every week about how to improve our systems and delivery of care; how to address gaps in service areas that we see in the field; and how to engage those who are hard to reach; we would not be fulfilled. With that in mind there is the frequent exclamation in our offices, “I have an idea!”  While all of the ideas discussed may not be converted to programming, we can assure the community that those that “made the cut” will receive our full energy and commitment so that we can make the difference in the areas that that we aspire to impact.  See our Innovative NeuroSense Programs for more information or for a desire to become involved.

Cybersense Power Up (CPU)

An entry level program for children, teenagers, and parents to become educated about their use, to self-monitor, to take control of their “digital footprint” and personal data, and to gain strategies for finding successful life and family balance in this digital age.

High School and College Mentor Program

This program was developed for children with special needs and delivered by high school and college students to address practical, real-time needs that arise for some children and adolescents who may be struggling.

Stand Proud and Confidently

We use the platform at www.thrively.com in combination with other strength-based measures and interest inventories to help students gain self-awareness around their greatest assets.

The Brain Integrity and Longevity Center

Brain Integrity and Longevity Coaching using the Brain Buttons™ Innovative Approach.