Stand Proud and Confidently

Stand Proud and Confidently: Strengths, Passions, and Character Development (SPC Program):

Too often people get stuck and derailed from knowing their own “Super Powers.”  The absence of an architecture for finding passions and developing character is lacking in the raising of our kids today.

Over the years, we have had a number of parents who have tirelessly committed themselves to helping their children find what it is that motivates them to wake up, creates a fire in them, and sparks passion.  Despite signing their children up for numerous activities, many parents hit walls in finding those interests that stick and truly motivate and inspire their children.

At the same time, the importance of character development has too long been under-emphasized in education.  Grades and rote knowledge have been given more weight than values. We have seen that the lack of attention to the fostering of internal traits (e.g., kindness, integrity, gratitude, leadership, social acumen, patience, flexibility, etc.) is one of the barriers that inhibits some students from finding their “Why Do I Matter?”

When we have asked students, “What are the best things about you?” too many come up with an “empty tank” and struggle to identify their own strengths.

We use the platform at in combination with other strength-based measures and interest inventories to help students gain self-awareness around their greatest assets.  We then guide students into using their strengths to explore areas of interest and to then go beyond simple interests to the development of passions and impressive skill sets.

This 3-6 month journey we guide students on has been helpful for many in their college applications, identification of college programs, moving toward personal satisfaction and fulfillment, and in helping college graduates to launch into the next phase of their adult lives.