CPU Podcast – Ep.13 – Smartphone Ban in California Schools

CPU Podcast – Ep.13 – Smartphone Ban in California Schools

In this episode, Dr. Dustin Weissman discusses California state Assembly Bill No. 272 Pupils: use of smartphones. The bill states, “This bill would require the governing body of a school district, a county office of education, or a charter school to adopt a policy to limit or prohibit the use by its pupils of smartphones while the pupils are at a schoolsite or while the pupils are under the supervision and control of an employee or employees of that school district, county office of education, or charter school.” Information about it can be found at:


Dr. Weissman discusses the bill’s rationale, personal thoughts, and shares literature supporting it. Recently (September 2018), France was the first country to ban smartphones in all primary and middle schools. California may be amongst the early trend setters with a similar ban. Some schools adopt no cell phone policies, but this would require some limitation by law. This episode contains very prudent information as it pertains to a possible major change in education as well as an opportunity for a cultural shift.

The articles that Dr. Weissman addresses in the second half of the podcast can be found here:


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